About Novel Impressions

Novel Impressions has been created to provide authors with an affordable and personalized online publicity experience.  It is my utmost priority to match authors with a targeted audience via book and specialty blogs.  Each Blog Tour is given personalized attention by making sure that only well-established, committed bloggers and book reviewers are offered an opportunity to participate in each tour.  Each tour stop is a unique experience consisting of any of the following formats: book review, guest post, author interview, and/or giveaways.  I strongly encourage author involvement with bloggers/reviewers in order to make each tour the best possible on-line experience for all participants.

About Me:
I have a Master's Degree in English Literature with a primary focus on Women and Minority Literature.  With over 20 years of writing and teaching experience, I recently left the academic world in order to be home and meet the ever-changing needs of my youngest son who is mildly affected  by Autism.  I currently work from home as a Freelance Writer and Copy Editor.

I enjoy reading a wide array of genres, including Memoirs, Autobiographies, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, and Psychological Thrillers, Romance, Children and Young Adult literature, as well as an occasional fantasy and sci-fi novel.  I also maintain a personal book review blog, The Cottage Bookshelf: